the ViTAL Keratoconus Classification

The ViTAL Keratoconus scoring system systematically describes 10+ clinical aspects of each individual patient's eye in order to allocate the most appropriate surgical treatment when indicated. The Vital Keratoconus Classification for Treatment is scoring each of the 4 parameters Vision, Thickness, Volumetric Cornea Disparity from Emmetropia, and Length of the Anterior Chamber and the whole eye (axial Lentgth) separately. In short it describes Age, Dominant Eye, Visual Acuity with Glasses/ Visual Acuity with adaptive Optics-Contact Lenses, Corneal minimal Thickness, Presence of central Opacity, Topographical Stability, Volumetric Cornea Disparity and maximal Depth Disparity from Emmetropia (calculated in nL and μm from the ORK-Schwind Amaris Software), Anterior Chamber Depth and  finally Axial Length.  eg (30)΄Vi31T3SA23L13. 

the ViTAL Scoring System is only useful in established keratoconus.